d.o.b. 14.3.2012

Kyynärät/Elbows: 0/0

Lonkat/Hips: C/C

Silmät/Eyes: OK (18.3.2013)

prcd-PRA clear by parentage

EIC clear

HNPK clear


Siru is co-owned with Jenniina Veitonmäki, kennel Jenzkun

Joensuu (18.5.2014) under Sven Slettedal, Kennel Fieldvalley: BB2, CC!!!

Joensuu int. (17.5.2014) under Viveca Lahokoski: BB2, CACIB and Res-CC

From the year 2013, Siru has 1 x CC and at same the show she were BOB and BIG-2!!

Siru is also qualified in the field

From blood-tracking she has 2 x First prize in novice class and 2 x First Prize in winners class!!

Sennas Rugó Of The Work Fellows
Fairywood's Aquarius
Winnie's Wing and A Payer
Fairywood's L'etoile St Sylvestere
Mocca's Senna Of The Work Fellows
Mallorn's Aldebaran
Buffon Mocca Of The Work Fellows
Mysis Usvainen Meri
Palabras Ozone Free
Palabras Keep On Movin'
Buttacre Beloved Bessey
Mysis Mediterranea Mallorn's Romeo
Mysis Island Mist