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Judges Fabion Negron (bitches) and Liz Martin (males)


BIS-II is Follies Finntastique, congratulations Anna-Liisa, Helena and Saara!

Mocnys Soundles Echo winner of junior class

Mocnys Incredibly Zany winner of open class

Mocnys Havana Moon 5th in junior class bitches

..And Mocnys Itsy-Bitsy 2nd in Champion class and "Siru" was also Best Brace with her daughter Jenzkun Ilo!!! Congratulations Jenniina!!!



Judges Allison Rogers (bitches) and Karen Helmers (males)

Photos Päivi Hoffren

MOCNYS SOUNDLESS ECHO 2nd in junior class, CAC-Quality -> 4th BEST MALE wth RES-CAC

MOCNYS ISLANDER 1st in Champion class, CAC-quality

MOCNYS INCREDIBLY ZANY 2nd in open class CAC-quality

MOCNYS HAVANA MOON 2nd in junior class CAC-quality

Mocnys Pep Talk also congratulates his baby boy Firespirit's Shining Armor as beeing BIS-puppy!!

Congrats to owners and breeder!



Mocnys Itsy-Bitsy is now Norweigian Tracking Champion AND also Nordic Tracking Champion!! Well done Jenniina & Siru! Huge congrats!!!


5.8. Kuopio, Nord

Judge Kari Salminen

Mocnys Smoky Quartz 1st in junior class and BM3 with CAC!! Congrats Leea!


3.8. Kuopio, all breed show, judge Viveca Lahokoski.

Jenzkun Sadetanssi: BB1, CAC and BOS

Mocnys Off To Neverland: BM2, CAC

Mocnys Rush Hour: BM4, Res-CAC

Mocnys Smoky Quartz: EXC, 2nd in junior class.


15.7.2018 Kuusamo, judge Maija Mäkinen

Mocnys Running For Freedom BM1, CAC, BOS! Congrats Tiina & Remu!


30.6.18 Kotka, LRC SPECIALTY, judge Manuel Queijeiro

Mocnys Once Upon A Time won the intermediate class, with CC-q


Today I also received this fabulous photo from Jenniina!

Congrats Siru and her owner Jenniina, Jenzkun Labradors!!!

Mocnys Itsy-Bitsy is now officially C.I.E., but she is also C.I.B., FI CH, RU CH, EE CH, LV CH, LT CH, BALT CH, Romanian CH and also Romanian Grand Champion! Hopefully I remembered all....!! Siru is also Tracking Champion from Finland and Sweden!


20.6.18 Kemi

Mocnys Calheta qualified in the field!! Congrats Miia, Jaakko & Ciara!!


2.6.18 Retriever speciality show to Estonia

judge Carina Östman

Mocnys Itsy-Bitsy BB2! Congrats Jenniina & Siru!


20.5.18 Helsinki int.

judge Dan ERicsson

Mocnys Once Upon a Time BB1, CC, CACIB and BOS!!!

HUGE congrats Päivi, päivi & wifi!!


19.5.18 Rovaniemie Group show

judge Markku Mähönen

Mocnys Moon Madness BOB-puppy! Congrats Anu & Made!


13.5.18 Oulu nord show

Mocnys Golden Moon BOB-puppy!Congrats Yasmin & näsä!


31.3.18 News from Holland...

judge Kadike Skadina

Mocnys Knoxville 1st in Champion, CAC, CACIB, BOB! Congrats Sander & Knox!


7.4.2018 Kerimäki group, judge Elena Ruskovaara

Mocnys Moonlight Knight BOB-puppy

Mocnys Rush Hour BM1, CAC and BOS!! Congrats Maija!!

Mocnys Soundless Echo, age of 9months, entered first time in junior class and was finally BM4, Res-CAC

Mocnys Noisy May 1st in bitches open class

....And Noisy May's daughter Cheektail's Malene Birger was BOS-puppy!! Congratulations Kirsi!

Jyväskylä Puppy Show 2018

Judge Annaliisa Heikkinen

Mocnys Guardian Of The Moon BOB-puppy

Mocnys Havana Moon BOS-puppy

Mocnys Moonlight Knight was 2nd in males baby class, who was beaten only by his brother.

27.1.2018 LRC specialty Lohja

Judges were Becci Hodge, Alene Krutska and Barbara Krumpak


Mallorn’s Silver Moon, 2nd in Champion class, 3rd best bitch.( in the picture)

Mocnys Once Upon A Time winner of Intermediate class! Congrats to both Päivi’s!!

Mocnys Blue Topaz 4th in Puppy class II.


Mocnys Soundless Echo 2nd in Puppyclass II

Mocnys Rush Hour 2nd in Junior class, congrats Maija!


2017 :


Helsinki Winner Show 2017

We have a new Helsinki Junior Winner!!

HEJW-17 Mocnys Rush Hour

Elvis was 4th in junior class in Winner Show and Nordic Winner. Congratulations Maija!!


9.9.2017 LRC specialty at Oulu

We had some nice class wins under judges Bolette Hering and Jean-Louis Blais

Entry was huge over 200 labs...

Mocnys Rush Hour winner of Puppy Class II -> 2nd Best Male Puppy

Mocnys Off To Neverland winner of Males Junior class.

.. And his sisters..

Mocnys Once Upon A Time winner of junior class

Mocnys O'Shea 3rd in junior class

And their mom... Mocnys Incredibly Zany 3rd in Open Class

LRC Club Show 2017

Mocnys Islander winner of champion class under Anastasia Egorova

Mocnys Once Upon A Time winner of junior class under Mette Alstrup. Congrats to her owners!

Mocnys O'Shea 4th in junior class

LRC Specialty at Porvoo 2017

Mocnys Islander BIS-1 under Linda McGillivray. BIS-2 Mouldhill's Miss Lemon

Mocnys Islander

Mocnys Once Upon A Time 2nd Best Bitch with CAC under Mary McCullogh!! Congrats to her owners!



Thank you Beata for your trust!

I'm Invincible Z Grodu Hrabiego "Hera" is co-owned with Anu Honkapirtti, Mallorn's Labradors


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